Race Equality Week 2023 It's Everyone's Business event.

Race Equality Week 2023: Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – how do you do it?

Race Equality Week 2023: It's Everyone's Business

Join us for the second event in the Race Equality Week 2023 schedule!

Race Equality Week 2023: Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – how do you do it?

Did you Know?

  • 79% of respondents believe that making Race Equality everyone’s business will have a meaningful impact on tackling race inequality
  • 95% would recommend a Race Equality Matters Event
  • Nearly 100% have said they have learnt something at a REM event

 ”…a brilliant event. I’ve attended so many D&I webinars etc, and often felt like we were being taught what we already know. The approach of REM is current, practical and easy to implement. So much to take away and share with the organisation. I feel like a kid in a candy shop!’


From our research within the community of those fighting for change, 3 obstacles continue to block progress

At this Event, you will learn how to Successfully:

  1. Make race equality everyone’s business 
  2. Enable Allies to Become the solution 
  3. Build an Anti-racist organisation 


Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – How do you do it?

Join Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business 

Join 300+ different organisations’ D&I, HR, and Race Network leaders who are passionate for change and have already registered.


We know your time is precious, so we guarantee you will:

  • learn from experts, including Tesco, Lloyd’s and Green Park and REM Trailblazers MHFA England and Network Rail who have effectively delivered successful outcomes
  • Interact with like-minded people with the same purpose in bespoke break-out rooms.

From here you will also:

  • gain new insights and keep up to date with effective solutions
  • make new connections
  • Learn about taking care of colleagues‘ wellbeing, and how to build trust on such vulnerable, emotive, and uncomfortable issues.

You can also be a #ChangeMaker to help accelerate change by sharing what you know works.


Exclusively for those that attend

You will also receive a virtual goody bag more than 50 ideas and tips as to what works in making race equality everyone’s business.



Why Race Equality Matters

Tackling Race Inequality in organisations can be a lonely and fruitless battle. Sometimes, despite best efforts, change is often minimal or too slow.

Research shows that organisations will not be sustainable if diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging aren’t embedded in their DNA.

“For organisations to both thrive and in today’s climate survive, there will be no future if diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging aren’t embedded in their DNA”

That’s why REM was formed.


Event Speakers:

Raj Tulsiani – Co-Founder & Chair| Race Equality Matters and Co-Founder & CEO | Green Park
Javed Thomas – Co-Founder | Race Equality Matters | The Collaboratory
Leon Donald – Head of Buying & Supply Chain | Tesco Mobile
Lily Kitchen – Diversity & Inclusion Team | Network Rail
Ama Afrika-Tchie – Culture & Inclusion | PeX & Engagement Consultant
Mark Lomas – Head of Culture | Lloyd’s
Jyoti Jassi – Apprenticeship Delivery Manager – Network Rail


VIRTUAL EVENT: Safe Space How to Do it Right Workshop 22 June 12.30-13.45

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