Race Equality Week 2023

Race Equality Week 2023: Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – how do you do it?

Race Equality Week 2023: It's Everyone's Business

Join us for the second event in the Race Equality Week 2023 schedule!

Race Equality Week 2023: Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – how do you do it?

Making Race Equality Everyone’s Business – How do you do it?

Now in its third year, the Race Equality Week theme is #ItsEveryonesBusiness. 

79% of respondents believe that making Race Equality everyone’s business will have a meaningful impact on tackling race inequality.

It is often the case that a few energised individuals are working to drive race equality in organisations.

A recent survey uncovered that only: 

  • 26% believe their senior leaders are playing a key part
  • 38% believe allies are playing a key part 

If we can involve the majority, if not everyone, within your organisation, we believe we will see a much-needed shift in beliefs, cultures, behaviours, and outcomes for race equality.

Join this free online event to collaborate with other organisations and hear from expert speakers from:

 Green Park, Lloyd’s, Tesco Mobile, and Network Rail.

They will share their experience of impactful solutions and activities that make race equality everyone’s business. 

Topics Covered Will Include:

  • How to make race inequality everyone’s business
  • Allyship
  • Creating an Anti-racist organisation

What You Will Learn:    

  •  What other organisations are doing to make race equality everyone’s business
  •  About impactful solutions and activities that support everyone to get involved 

Event Speakers:

Raj Tulsiani – Co-Founder & Chair| Race Equality Matters and Co-Founder & CEO | Green Park
Javed Thomas – Co-Founder | Race Equality Matters | The Collaboratory
Leon Donald – Head of Buying & Supply Chain | Tesco Mobile
Lily Kitchen – Diversity & Inclusion Team | Network Rail
Ama Afrika-Tchie – Culture & Inclusion | PeX & Engagement Consultant
Mark Lomas – Head of Culture | Lloyd’s
Jyoti Jassi – Apprenticeship Delivery Manager – Network Rail

Previous Attendees Of Our Events Include:

  • Senior/Exec Leaders
  • HR, D&I and Talent Experts
  • Allies
  • Race Network Leaders and Future Leaders
  • Race Network Members
  • Employees from Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds

What People Say:

  • On average, 95% of attendees would recommend our events

 Following REW 2022:

  • 94% would recommend REW to other organisations
  • 85% feel REW is a good/excellent initiative to support their organisations’ commitment to race equality
  • 90% believe REW will have an impact on Race Equality in their organisations
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